This site should be useful for people looking for practical information on electronics and robots. I also include some resources for teachers of electronics, physics and astronomy.


This site is now being updated after several years of neglect.

I am a science and electronics teacher at a college in North London teaching 16-19 year old students.

This site was originally written in 2001 to support my students at City and Islington Sixth Form College studying A level or AS level physics or electronics or students attending my robots club. The original site was developed in 1999 but one of my students, Ayo, did not like the complex URL for my ISPs free pages. Ayo registered davidswinscoe.com as a domain and hosted the site on his server and then told me how to operate it. The site continues to be hosted by Ayo's company DesignSquad with generous technical support. The college has been using a VLE for supporting courses for a number of years so all new information for my students has been added to the college VLE. The material on this site has not been maintained for a number of years but web statistics show a large number of hits so I will now update the site witout removing the information people find useful.

I also use the site to host other pages for my other activities and it is really a collection of sites at the same domain.

I have sections on the site for science teachers for the INSET courses I run.

CERN powerpoint

There is some information on here about a lathe I am rebuilding.