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These pages were written for my A' level Electronics students at City and Islington Sixth Form College. The information may be useful to others studying electronics and you are free to use it for your personal use, if you wish to publish anything from the site or pass it on to others please contact me for permission (

Revision gives you access to materials to help you prepare for the exams.

Components shows you how to identify and use electronics components and lists the main items we stock.

Communications gives some links for the A2 communications module.

The Circuits section tells gives details of some common circuits and can be helpful when looking for some building blocks for projects.

Software tells you about the computer programs used in the department and also provides links to some free software that may be useful to you at home.

Books details of the textbook and links to the worksheets as well as a list of other useful books. There is also a link to some free books that are useful for the course.

Links provides some useful starting points for electronics on the web.

Notes and images gives you access to handouts and other notes that may be useful and to pictures of your project to include in your project report.

There is an embedded webserver running on an Atmel ATmega162 AVR you can try out. The source code is here.