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Linear ICs (Chips used for analogue electronics)

Device Part number Datasheets
Op-amp 741 Fairchild Semiconductor
Op-amp TL071 Texas Instruments
Op-amp TL081 Texas Instruments
Comparator LM393 National Semiconductors
Audio amplifier LM380 National semiconductors
Circuit for LM380

Digital chips

Logic chips are available in two main groups: those that start with the numbers 74 and those that start with 4.

The 74 series logic is divided up into families. The family is indicated by the letters after the 74. For example there are several different NAND gates available 7400, 74LS00, 74HCT00 and 74HC00, all of these chips have the same pinout but have slight electrical differences.
The 7400 (TTL) is the original TTL logic family, it needs quite a lot of power to operate and is relatively slow to change state.
The 74LS00 (low power schottky)is faster than the original TTL and uses less power, 74 and 74LS chips can be used together.
The 74HC00 (high speed CMOS) is faster than the LS uses much less power but has slightly different logic thresholds so should not be used with 74 or 74LS series chips.
The 74HCT00 (high speed CMOS, TTL compatible) is designed to be used with the both the old logic 74 and 74LS series and the new 74HC series.

A Microsoft Word document containing common 74 series pin outs is available here.

Note: Dual means there are 2 gates in the chip, Quad means there are 4 gates in the chip and Hex means there are 6 gates in the chip
Function Part number Datasheets
Timer chip NE555 Fairchild Semiconductor NE555
ST NE555 ST TS555C (low power)
Quad 2-input NAND gate 74xx00 Fairchild Semiconductor
Quad 2-input NOR gate 74xx02 Fairchild Semiconductor
Hex NOT gate 74xx04 Fairchild Semiconductor
Quad 2-input AND gate 74xx08 Fairchild Semiconductor
Hex Schmitt trigger NOT gate 74xx14 Fairchild Semiconductor
Dual  4-input NAND gate 74xx20 Fairchild Semiconductor
Quad 2-input OR gate 74xx32 Fairchild Semiconductor
BCD to 7-segment decoder     74xx47 Fairchild Semiconductor
Dual D-type flip-flop 74xx74 Fairchild Semiconductor
4-bit magnitude comparator 74xx85 Fairchild Semiconductor
Quad 2-input XOR gate 74xx86 Fairchild Semiconductor
4 bit Counter 74xx93 QMW college
Fairchild Semiconductor
Quad 3-state buffer 74xx125 Fairchild Semiconductor
13-input NAND gate 74xx133 Fairchild Semiconductor
Dual 4-input multiplexer 74xx153 Fairchild Semiconductor
Quad 2-input multiplexer 74xx157 Fairchild Semiconductor
Shift register (serial to parallel) 74xx164 Fairchild Semiconductor
Shift register (parallel to serial) 74xx165 Fairchild Semiconductor
4 bit Latch 74xx175 Fairchild Semiconductor
4-bit up/down counter 74xx193 Fairchild Semiconductor
BCD to 7-segment display decoder 74xx4511 Texas Instruments


Microcontrollers are small, single chip computers. They contain a processor memory and all the circuitry for input and output ports. We have the facilities to write programs for these chips in machine code, BASIC or C and load the programs onto the chips.

The microcontrollers we mainly use are:
Part Datasheets
AVR AT90S2313 Atmel
AVR ATtiny2313 Atmel
AVR AT90S8515 Atmel
AVR ATmega16 Atmel
PICs Microchip