Home Motor Digital readout

Fitting the motor

The motor is an AEI 1/4HP motor. The mount for the motor attaches to the bottom two 5/8" BSW bolts that hold the backgear mechanism.

The drive from the motor is by V-belt with three different gears by changing pulleys. The drive to the lathe is by flat belt. There is a pulley to link the two but no means of adjusting the tension. The belts are missing and the pulleys for some of the gears on the motor are chipped.

I have found some details of belts as well as a host of other information on lathes.co.uk

The controller for the motor needs sorting but is attached with 5/16" bolts. I need to work out how to wire this up, most of it looks straightforward but he input and output need a little investigation and the whole thing needs checking before connecting to the mains.

Home Motor Digital readout